In Memory

Lux's Copper Cat

Lux x Hot Satin Delight

Copper passed away in 2015 at sixteen years of age. His lineage was outstanding including such greats as Papa Noel, Tomollas Jubiloso, Top Flight and White Heat. We purchased Copper at fourteen in hopes of saving his bloodline. He sired two crias for us. Misty Morn's Tawny Roque and Misty Morn's Copper Miss. He was a grand gentleman, loving and a joy to have on our farm. He was taken from us far too soon.

Maybelle's Wind Dancer FE 17

LW Durango x Maybelle PL

Wind Dancer was simply breathtaking for me. Always head held high and a lady of royalty. If a Llama can be a soul mate then Wind Dancer was mine. She came to our farm at eight years of age. She delivered three wonderful crias for us prior to her passing. Misty Morn's Cinder Dust, Misty Morn's Wind In The Wilow and Misty Morn's Metal Fusion. I think of her every day and miss her terribly. All of her offspring born on our farm remain with us.

M.R.S. Dancer's Diamond

Castlerock's Lethal Weapon x

HCLA Bolivian Sundance (CAN)

Diamond was a beautiful suri girl that came to us at three years of age. She produced three beautiful offspring for us prior to her passing. Misty Morn's Midnight Dancer, Misty Morn's Diamond Reflection and Misty Morn's Diamond Frost. Unfortunately her first cria failed to survive. Her second cria was sold to a wonderful couple and her third. remains with us - in her 'forever' home. Dancer's Diamond is sadly missed.

Pacific Rim's High Roller

Peruvian K-Tu x Pacific Rim's Deliela

Our boy Roller was a gentleman's gentleman. He had a nature that is rare to find in any animal. In his earlier days (before we purchased him) children were on his back going for rides. A stud that produced numerous offspring in his breeding career. Some were the highest sellers with U.S. breeders anxious to purchase his offspring. Some of those youngsters went on to be Champions just like their Dad, Roller boy

Roller was the Calgary Stampede's Supreme Champion 2005. He went on to challenge 'get of sire' entries in western Canada's lama shows (in the day). He was a treasure for us and we were glad to have him in his more mature years. I go into the boys barn still and expect to see those beautiful ears and head peering over the pine stall at me looking for his treats. What can I say.

Peruvian Impact

Peruvian Condori PC-1 x WF Peruvian Ice (CAN)

This magnificent boy came to us from Windiana Farms in Alberta. I have always said Impact had the best ears on our farm. He was a gentle sole and was the first to follow me into the barn looking for treats. Easy to handle and was not interested in tussling with herd mates. So mellow in fact that we eventually moved him in with our young male group as a mentor. He seemed to enjoy his status as the alpha male and never displayed any dominance over the youngsters.

So many stories to tell about this boy. He was a character with loads of personality. Cathy Wind (his breeder) once said he was the' full package.' That was an understatement. We miss our boy so much.

T.L.R. Silver Cloud

T.L.R. Ramstar x T.L.R. Geebey's Dream

Silver was on his way to a slaughter house when we purchased him. Such a lovely gent we just had to save him. Ears torn, rags for fibre he was standing proud none the less. He was a very big boy with familiar sires scattered throughout his family tree.....Nobility, Playboy, Silver Star's Doc Holiday. Silver had one cria for us (Silver's Finale) and through her and her crias his legacy continues. We miss our boy ...he remains in our hearts forever. So glad that his final years were with us. A safe haven and a forever home.

Northern Reflections Eclipse

Peruvian Vice x White Star's Cassidy

Sadly February 21, 2020 Clippy passed away. We attribute our loss to his senior age. He was a fabulous boy, one of our very first Herdsires at Misty Morn Llamas. He was the son of a direct Import from South American re: Peruvian Vice. Our farm's breeding goal is to secure rare bloodlines for future Llama enthusiasts. In keeping with this mandate we have secured Clippy's bloodline by retaining two of his Sons (Misty Morn's Silver Ablaze) and (Misty Morn's Beyond Boundaries). â€‹Clippy was a Supreme Champion, all of his ribbons proudly framed and on display at our farm. He graced our fields with beauty so much so that he became our grand logo boy. Many Llama breeder's worldwide will certainly recognize this photograph. He was breathtaking on the run as evidenced. We will miss his dearly.