Herdsire's and Males (2)

Mach One's Paco

Argentine Mach One (ET) x Pinta Chika ABSR

Phenotype: Argentine

I believe it's safe to say that Paco's Sire - Mach One's is the most most sought after Argentine Herdsire in the United States. Mach One  continues to throw beautiful crias and any that hit the show circuit are always among the top award winners. Our boy Paco is 3/4 Argentine and is among the mighty for sure. Tall, heavy boned and strong conformation. We look forward to many crias sired by Paco over the next few years. Outlined below is information regarding Paco's Sire.

Offspring: Misty Morn's Enchanting Miss, Misty Morn's Scarlett Enchantress

Heritage: Argentine Don Zunca, Argentine Hidaldo (ET), Argentine Machi, Argentine Kobra, Chileno Chiri Chico # 74 

Our Paco's Sire

Argentine Mach One

Argentine Mach One (Paco's Sire) has been awared the ILR Sire of Distinction Award. This is only the 2nd time in the history of the International Llama Registry that this award has been given. The First: Crocket.

Misty Morn's Tawny Rogue

Lux's Copper Cat x Northwest Makayla

Phenotype: Silky

We purchased Tawny's Sire (Lux's Copper Cat) at age 14 so that his line could continue on in Canada. Tawny was one of only two crias Copper Cat sired for us prior to his passing at age 16. Tawny is a mirror image of his Dad in conformation, temperament and carriage. We are looking forward to many crias on the ground from his handsome boy.

Offspring: Misty Morn's Valiant Contender

Heritage: Papa Noel, White Heat, Tomollas Jubiloso, Hot Satin Delight, Peruvian Silverado Sir, Chilean Leroy Brown, Northwest Epiphany, S.F. Celestine

Misty Morn's Just North Of Amazing

Northwest Titan x Misty Morn's Wind In The Wilow

Phenotype: Suri

For us to continue with a specific breeding line it is imperative that we retain several crias from each of our Herdsires. This young  man is a perfect example of a young man that can step up to the plate should anything happen to our boy Northwest Titan. This guy has it all. Conformation, style, carriage, a sweet temperament, striking colour and beautiful fibre.


Heritage: LL Baraka, Chileno Cachette, SSRMT Leonardo, Peruvian Siverado Sir, White Heat, LW Durango, Maybelle's Wind Dancer FE17

Kornerstone's Lucky Ace

Argentine Kobra's Kornerstone x Luck Be A Lady

Phenotype: Argentine

This fella is as mighty as he looks. While only 50% Argentine he possess all of the traits that Argentines have become famous for.... We look forward to crias on the ground from this gentle giant. 

Heritage: Argentine Kobra, Argentine Chiquita, Argentine Yecu, Chilean Canoso, Argentine Arica 0077

Misty Morn's Metal Fusion

M.R.S. Heavy Metal x Maybelle's Wind Dancer FE 17

Phenotype: Silky

Our current photo simply does not do this boy justice. He has lots of style, bone, fibre and a temperament that mirrors his Sire. He is so special as he was the last cria from Maybelle Wind Dancer FE 17 before her passing. 

Heritage: Peruvian Secret Weapon, White Heat, Saltspring Tsunami, Top Flight, LW Druango, Poncho Via & Dr. Doolittle (four back)

Misty Morn's Trailblazer

M.R.S. Heavy Metal x Northwest Makayla

Phenotype: Suri

This young man is coming along nicely. I am hoping he will be the spit and image of his Sire. Lovely grey head, straight back and beautiful coverage of find suri fibre.

Heritage: Peruvian Secret Weapon, G.C's Windfire, MMR Mochatsuri, WWLC Peruvian Mercury Rising, RAR Chilean Sizzlin Sam, Northwest Epiphany, S,F. Celestine

Misty Morn's Maximum Impact

WF Peruvian Impact x Sunrise Sudden Mist

Phenotype: Silky

Unmistakable in recognizing a Son from Peruvian Impact. That face is one feature that seems to be passed along to all of Impact's offspring. This is a sweet male with lots of spirit and sense of wonder. 

Offspring: Misty Morn's Deelightful Fantasy, Misty Morn's Northern Exposure

Heritage: Peruvian Condori PC-1 (direct import), WF Peruvian Ice (CAN), Peruvian Vice (direct import), Kantu P5, Sudden Impact, White Star's Yukonna

WF Thunderbolt Unleashed

WF High Gear x Midnite Dreams

Call Name: Thunder

We are really excited to add this young man to our breeding programme. Only two years of age presently but a new bloodline for us. His Grandsire FFF Maserati resides in Europe. Sadly his Sire, High Gear has passed. Thunder hails from the breeding programme of Windiana Farms, Taber, Alberta. 

Heritage: FFF Can So, Top Flight, Arabakka Linda (CAN), WCR Temuco Triumph, GNLC Catman, Premier, Bolivian Jumbalaya, Macho Camacho, Speckles (CAN)