Sunrise Carina


Case Fire x MJ Catalina

Phenotype: Suri

Very excited to have purchased this girl from Sunrise Ranch in Alberta. Not only a ribbon winner but a grandaughter of Magic Juan. She presented us with one cria and unfortunately never produced another offspring again even though bred a few times over the years. She now enjoys early retirement, just lazin and grazin.

Heritage: Peruvian Keno, PME Firefrost, Hot Satin Delight, Bolivian Radical, Macho Camacho, Macho's Boomerang

Offspring: Misty Morn's Platinumn Frost (F) Sire: Northwest Titan

Northwest Makayla

WWLC Peruvian Mercury Rising x S.F. Celestine

Phenotype: Suri

Makayla is a striking suri girl with very fine locks. She is very elegant in appearance and sports dark grey neck fibre.

She is a very pleasant girl and passes on a sweet temperament to her offspring.

Heritage: Kantu P5, Peruvian Siverado Sir, Peruvian Apuesto B1005, Chilean Leroy Brown, S.F. Celestine, North West Epiphany, The Tunitas Creek Jestor

Offspring In Order: Misty Morn's Tawny Roque (M) Sire: Lux's Copper Cat: Misty Morn's Gunmetal Illusion (M) Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal, Misty  Morn's Trailblazer (M) Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal

Misty Morn's Tecquila Rose

M.R.S. Heavy Metal x Northwest Tequila

Phenotype: Silky

She is big, beautiful and a sweetheart. A very correct girl with beautiful fibre. Rose has been bred a few times over the years but came up open each time. However this spring we were anxiously waiting for her first cria. /Excited to say Rose presented us with a very handsome young man.

Offspring: Misty Morn's Storm Surge

Heritage: Castlerock's Lethal Weapon, White Heat, MMR Melinda, Saltspring Tsunami, WWLC Peruvian Mercury Rising, Sunwood Amanda (CAN) 

M and M Hope

SSRMT Leonardo x J&L's June

Phenotype: Silky

Lovely girl hailing from Montana. Hope is a well built girl displaying a solid frame and beautiful head. We have bred Hope for a couple of years without success. 

Heritage: Chileno Siricache, Mirrored Image SSRMT, 

GNLC Catman, Chief Sitting Bull, Zorro PL

Montana's Sunfire

Case Fire x Sunrise Montana

Phenotype: Suri

Montana is a gentle female with a very calm nature. She is an excellent mother. Her sire Case Fire now resides in Europe. 

Heritage: Peruvian Keno PC-1, Bolivian Radical, Hot Satin Delite, RAR Chilean Sizzlin Sam, Nobility

Offspring In Order: Misty Morn's Magnum Force  (M) Sire: Teriffic's Teriffic  Misty Morn's Smokescreen Illusion (M) Sire: Northern Reflections Eclipse

Cinder Dust

Case Fire x Maybelle's Wind Dancer FE17

Phenotype: Suri

Cinder's Dam (RIP) was my most treasured female. She was regal in my eyes and all of her crias born here remain here in their forever home. Cinder is a pet and loves hugs and kisses. She passes on her gentle temperament to all of her crias. 

Heritage: Peruvian Keno PC-1, White Heat, Bolivian Radical, Top Flight, LW Durango, Zorro Pl, Dr. Doolittle

Offspring In Order: Misty Morn's Ruffian (M) Sire: M.R.S. Vyking: Misty Morn's Lyrical Eloquence (F) Sire:M.R.S. Vyking: Misty Morn's Neutron Starr (M) Sire: MDL-AD Cordero