WF Sapphire

Retired from Breeding

Castlerock's Lethal Weapon x Wyome SSRMT

Phenotype: Suri

A lovely lady that has produced two crias for us. Sapphire is a quiet girl that is just happy to be part of her herd. Given her age and that we supplemented her last cria we have retired Sapphire from our breeding programme.

Heritage: Chilean Leroy Brown, Papa Noel, Peruvian Secret Weapon

Offspring in Order: WF Spectacle  (F) Sire: High Gear: Misty Morn's Alluna Eclipse (F) Sire: Northern Reflections Eclipse

S.F. Shannon


S.F. Fusion x S.F. Miss Shangha

Phenotype: Suri

Shannon presented us with a female this spring so now two crias from Shannon in her breeding career. Both female and both just stunning. We may breed Shannon one more time before retirement.

Heritage: Peruvian Azarro, STL Ikon, S.F. Summer Wind, North West Epiphany, Magic Juan, Feni Yukon Chief Moses, Premier

Offspring: Misty Morn's Shantilly (F) Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal: Misty Morn's Blithe Spirit (F) Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal

Northwest Argentina

SSRMT Leonardo x Northwest Misty (CAN)

Phenotype: Silky

Argentina is a huge female with very correct lines. A very calm girl.easy to work with and is one of the head ladies of our female herd. She has had two crias for us so far and we are looking forward to one or two more before retirement.

Heritage: Chileno Cachete, SSRMT Leonardo, White Heat, Saltspring Tsunami, Nobility, LL Baraka

Offspring In Order: Misty Morn's Sandstorm (M) Sire: Peruvian Impact: Misty Morn's Silver Ablaze (M) Sire: Northern Reflections Eclipse' : Misty Morns Wishpering Melody.

Sunrise Fiesta Mexicana


Peruvian K-Tu x M & W Fiona

Phenotype: Silky

Fiesta is a Supreme Champion and carries herself with head held high with an I am beautiful' so  look at me stance.' She came to us from Sunrise Ranch in Alberta. Unfortunately Fiesta has not produced any offspring for us even though bred several times over the years.

Heritage: Kantu P5, White Heat, WSL Yukon, Magic Juan, Nobility

Llama Dreams Ember

Fuente Del Sol x Smokey Dreams

Phenotype: Silky

This lovely lady hails from Montana. Purchased just before she was heading out to the Cascade Llama Sale. We are excited to have her as she adds a new bloodline for us. Her crias have been lovely to date and we are hoping for a few more prior to her retirement.

Heritage: El Fuerte, Liberator, The Canadian, Fuduciary's Silvertip, Espera

Offspring In Order: Mach One's Solitaire(M) Sire: Argentine Mach One (ET), Simpatico's Sparkling Ember (F) Sire: Argentine Simpatico, Misty Morn's Angelic Interlude (F) Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal, Misty Morn's Valiant Contender


HSSR Cazalero x M & W Zenya

Phenotype: Suri

Zara hails from the breeding Programme of Cathy Mallo of Alberta Canada. Zara has produced two beautiful crias for us ...two females Misty Morn's Silk Stockings and now Misy Morn's Silent Echo. Zara is a wonderful mother. We look forward to a few more crias from Zara before her retirement.