Females & Offspring

We have provided a photo of each of our ladies as well as their offspring to date. Some of the crias were conceived prior to our ownership. Photos for those Llamas were obtained from the International Llama Registry's archives. Many of our older females were purchased mid-life to add their genetics to our breeding programme. As noted a number of our females are now in retirement.

HCLR Freedom


RAR Old Spice x Temptation of Tunitas Creek

Phenotype: Silky

Freedom is the oldest lady we have on our farm. Still looking great and in good health. She has produced five crias during her breeding career. First four listed below were conceived when owned and bred by her previous owners. We purchased Freedom mid-life. She is presently 20 years of age.

Heritage: Tomollas Prospector, Chilean Leroy Brown

​Offspring in Order: Freedom's Montana (F) Sire: Chileno Canaletto 11: Northwest Katrina (F) Sire: Chileno Canaletto 11: Northwest Leonardo's Klondie (F) Sire: SSRMT Leonardo: Knight Crusader (M) Sire: Peruvian 

K-Tu: Misty Morn's Heavenly Angel (F) Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal

CMM Katchina 


WCR Celebrity Jade x White Star's Kurtsy

Phenotype: Silky

This is a special girl for sure. Katchina loves her head massages, such a sweetheart. We purchased her mid-life as we were eager to add her genetics to our breeding programme. The first two crias below were conceived when owned by her previous owner. 

Heritage: Federico, Peruvian Maximo, Macho Comacho, Chilean Leroy Brown

Offspring In Order: CMM Katreeze (F) Sire:Northern Reflections Eclipse: CMM Arctic Thunder (M) Sire: Miss-stated on ILR records. Misty Morn's Intrepid Heart (M) Sire: Pacific Rim's High Roller: Misty Morn's Morning Dove (F) Sire: Peruvian Impact

Northwest Tequila 


WWLC Peruvian Mercury Rising x Sunwood Amanda

Phenotype: Silky

Breeders most often have several dream girls in their breeding programme. This girl is definately one for me. Her first three crias were conceived under previous ownership. However we did manage to purchase Northwest Titan as a yearling. He is now one of our premiere Herdsires. Tecquila was purchased bred thus her third cria was born on our farm. Tecquila had three crias for us and now has entered her retirement. 

Heritage: Kantu P5, LL Baraka, Peruvian Apeuesto B1005

Offspring in Order: Northwest Afternoon Delight (F) Sire: SSRMT Leonardo: Northwest Titan (M) Sire: SSRMT Leonardo: Knight Raider (M) Sunrise Cisco: Misty Morn's Tecquila Rose (F) Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal: Misty Morn's Radiance (F) Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal: Misty Morn's Dark Secret (F) Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal

Ekati's Elita

WSL Ekati x White Star's Gidget

Phenotype: Suri

Elita was purchased as an older girl given our interest in passing on her genetics. She is such a proud girl, always head held high. Her tail was injured prior to coming to our farm but nonetheless a lovely girl with striking carriage. To our knowledge Elita had two crias prior to coming to our farm. She was bred for us in Alberta. Arabella  was born the following spring and two years later she presented us with a beautiful male. We are  hopeful for another cria from Elita prior to her retirement. 

Heritage: Peruvian Maximo, Peruvian El Gris, Hard Rock's Coat of Many Colors, Silver Star's Doc Holiday

Offspring in Order: MDL-AB Shoni (F) Sire: MRS Soulman's Carbon 14: MDL-AB Selena (F) Sire: MRS Soulman's Carbon 14:  Elita's Arabella (F) Sire: M.R.S. Ice & Easy: Misty Morn's Metallic Crossfire (M) Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal

WF Strawberry Deelite 


Sire: LW Strawberry Field x A Peruvian Deelite

Phenotype; Suri

We were eager to purchase Strawberry given her genetics. After birthing two crias for us over the years that did not survive (one stillborn, one passed at three days old) Strawberry was retired from our breeding programme. Now she enjoys her herd mates and lazy days in our pastures.

Heritage: LW Kissam, LW Strawberry Field, Peruvian Maximo PC-1, Peruvian Keno PC-1

S.F. Tiffany


STL Ikon x S.F. Celestine

Phenotype: Silky

This beautiful girl has a family tree that is absolutely stellar. So purchased mid-life in hopes of continuing on her heritage. Such a cute face with those fluffy puffs of fibre on the tops of her ears. Tiffany has not produced a cria for us although bred several times. Perhaps one more try before retirement.

Heritage: Bauernheim's Tital Wave, STL Ikon, The Fiduciary, Chilean Leroy Brown, North West Epiphany, S.F. Celestine

WF's Deeliteful 

Chilean GTO x A Peruvian Deelite (CAN)

Phenotype: Suri

A lovely gentle girl. Deeliteful hails from Alberta and the breeding programme of Windianna Farms.  We would love one more cria from Deeliteful before retirement. 

Heritage: Chilean GTO, Peruvian Maximo PC-1, Peruvian Keno PC-1, Futura P5

Offspring In Order: WF Masked Temptress (F) Sire: High Gear: Misty Morn's Copper Miss (F) Sire: Lux's Copper Cat: Misty Morn's Autumn Breeze (F) Sire: Mach One's Solitaire

Silver's Finale

TLR's Silver Cloud x Coco

Phenotype: Silky

Finale is one of the very first Llamas on our farm thus introducing us to the wonderful world of Llamas. She is a pure pet and our PR Llama. Finale's Dam (owned by a neibour) was bred to Silver Cloud before we purchased him. Unfortunately Finale's Dam died giving birth to her and was put to rest before we could check her for a micro chip leaving Finale's heritage not fully known. Silver Cloud (Sire) was Canadian Registered. Given Silver's status at least one side of Finale's family tree is traceable and on record. Finale produces beautiful offspring.

Offspring In Order: Misty Morn's Spanish Coquette (F) Sire: Northwest Titan: Misty Morn's Sandpebbles (F) Peruvian Impact:  Misty Morn's Touch of Finesse (F) Sire: Northwest Titan: Misty Morn's Enchanting Miss (F) Sire: Mach One's Paco

Heritage: Senior Rambo, STL Lord Chancellor, Nobility, Lacinda, Silver Star's Doc Holiday, Buttermilk Blues